Best Freestyle Bmx Bikes 2023

The bike has a single speed drivetrain, which makes it easy to ride and control. The bike also comes with a brake that is easy to use and provides good stopping power. The bike comes with a reflector and 4 pegs for additional safety. Overall, the AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX is a great bike for young riders and is easy to assemble.

Best Freestyle Bmx Bikes 2023 

  1. AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX
  2. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike
  3. Hiland 20 inch Freestyle Kids BMX
  4. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike
  5. Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike
  6. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion
  7. Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike

1) AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMXBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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The carbon steel frame underpins the AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike. Durable frame for BMX riding. BMX’s rugged terrain requires a friend who lets kids push their limits.

Easy Handling with Rear Suspension

This bike’s rear suspension system is unequaled in performance and handling. Shock absorption in the rear suspension makes rough terrain simpler to navigate. With this feature, young motorcyclists may overcome any obstacle.

Single-Speed Drivetrain: Smooth Ride

The AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike’s single-speed drivetrain simplifies riding. The powertrain’s simplicity makes it pleasurable to ride and operate. Without gear shifts, young riders can enjoy the trip.

Safety is paramount, and this bike has enhanced braking. Stable and effective, U-brakes stop. Young riders may regulate their speed and pace on high-octane rides using straightforward controls.

Reflectors and Pegs Add Style and Safety

The AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike has four safety pegs and reflectors. These upgrades increase low-light visibility, making every ride safer. The pegs make the bike look good and safe.

Age and Comfort-Designed for Young Enthusiasts

This 6-12-year-old freestyle BMX bike is for them. Its 20-inch wheels are comfortable and controlled. Young bikers ride effortlessly and confidently on the bike’s medium size.

Good Build: Carbon Steel Frame, Aluminum Feature

The AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike’s carbon steel frame is durable. Aluminum improves bike performance and durability. This material mix makes a sturdy bike.

Unearthing Legacy of Excellence: AVASTA

This AVASTA bike is noted for its excellence. For attention, the bike is sleek and black. It shows AVASTA’s commitment to developing rider-friendly freestyle BMX bikes.

One-speed wonder is simple but masterful

Single-speed Young riders may ride AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike easily. This simple method allows students focus on riding skill and control. With the right bike, young cyclists may develop with each ride.

Finally, the AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX encourages pleasure and adventure. Its carbon steel frame, cutting-edge suspension, and youth-friendly design embody freestyle BMX. Release young riders’ potential and create wonderful memories with this great bike. Assembly makes the bike easy to ride from box to ride. The AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike improves your child’s cycling experience with safety, performance, and style.

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AVASTA 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable carbon steel frame material for long-lasting use
  2. Rear suspension type for a smoother ride
  3. Freestyle BMX design to cater to the needs of children who love BMX
  4. U brake style for better control and stopping power
  5. Lightweight design with an item weight of 25.8 pounds, making it easy for kids to handle



Bike Type Kids Bike, BMX Bike
Age Range (Description) Youth
Number of Speeds 1
Color Black

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2) Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX BikeBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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Construction of the aluminum frame promotes strength and longevity. The bike rides smoothly on all terrains thanks to its 20-inch wheels. For park riding, the firm suspension system ensures control and excitement.

Smooth Core Performance

Performance parts shine on the bike. Mid-sealed bearings and two-piece tubular chromo hollow spindle cranks make riding smooth and efficient. The bike has pre-inflated 20″ x 2.4″ tires. With this setup, the Mongoose Legion L100 can handle any freestyle BMX adventure. The excellent companion for adult riders seeking a reliable and adaptable BMX experience.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike off-road adventures

Adult off-road riders can choose the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike. Freestyle BMXers who like unconventional riding will adore this bike. This 20-inch wheel fits adults well. Its firm suspension is perfect for long hikes.

Foundation of Resilience

The bike’s frame is Chromoly steel for durability. The metal frame strengthens. The single-speed arrangement simplifies freestyle BMXing.

Sleek Design, Unmatched Control

The bike’s grey and black look good. U brakes provide good control and stopping power. Though powerful, the bike weights 12 pounds. With this, adult riders may effortlessly travel their favourite terrain.

In conclusion, the Mongoose Legion L100’s robust frame, freestyle abilities, off-road appeal, and polished design appeal to adult riders’ discerning tastes. Durable frames, modern features, and performance make these bikes ideal for BMXers.

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Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike First Hand Review Video

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  1. Chromoly steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. Rigid suspension type suitable for trails and rough terrains
  3. Lightweight design with an item weight of only 12 kilograms
  4. U brake style for better control and stopping power
  5. Suitable for both male and female riders as suggested by “unisex-adult”



Bike Type BMX Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Mongoose
Number of Speeds 1
Color Grey/Black

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3) Hiland 20 inch Freestyle Kids BMXBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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The Hiland 20 Inch Freestyle Kids BMX boasts a durable Hi-Ten Steel Frame. Designed for teen enthusiasm, this bike does more than ride.

The game’s freestyle mode allows BMX newbies try new tricks. A 360° Rotor improves responsiveness for perfect small-space maneuvers.

Fingertip Control: Agile Handling and Precision Braking

Safety is paramount for young riders. The masterpiece’s BMX braking system boosts confidence and ride safety with unequaled stopping power. Knowing their kids can handle any terrain provides parents piece of mind.

Wide tires provide stability and a smooth ride in many conditions. The Hiland 20 Inch Freestyle Kids BMX lets riders travel the world.

For Young Fans: A Growing Bike

Ergonomics and adaptability inspire lifelong cycling. This 5-12-year-old BMX has a U brake for flexibility. The bike’s alloy steel frame ensures durability and adventure.

A 20-inch wheel suits small hands and a moderate stance. With one speed, kids can simply control their bike, gaining confidence with each revolution.

Elegance Unveils HH Hawaii’s Style

HH HILAND, known for quality, again exceeded expectations. Hiland’s 20 Inch Freestyle Kids BMX shows its high-quality bikes. This bike’s sleek black color highlights its performance and beauty.

General appeal makes it acceptable for boys and girls, breaking gender norms. This BMX suits many-child parents’ tastes.

Conclusion: BMX Explore

Finally, the Hiland 20 Inch Freestyle Kids BMX symbolizes youth and potential. Hi-Ten Steel Frame, freestyle design, and quality components make it a top choice for BMX-aspiring youth. With strong safety features and an engaging design, this bike is a thrill ride.

Buy the Hiland 20 Inch Freestyle Kids BMX for a history of exploration, growth, and unrestrained fun. Let your youngsters pedal into an endless universe of possibilities and lifetime excitement.

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Hiland 20 inch Freestyle Kids BMX First Hand Review Video

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  1. Alloy steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. U brake style for better control and stopping power
  3. Suitable for both boys and girls as suggested by “suggested users”
  4. Lightweight design with an item weight of 27 pounds, making it easy for kids to handle
  5. Perfect for freestyle BMX riding



Bike Type Kids Bike
Age Range (Description) Kids
Number of Speeds 1
Color Black

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4) Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle BikeBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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High-quality, thrilling Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike. This bike is perfect for 8-year-old boys who like thrills. Cycling leader Razor delivers more than a bike—an thrilling and reliable experience. What makes the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike unique.

Unveil Features

1. The Ideal Ride

For durability and performance, the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike boasts tig-welded steel frame and fork. This strong base gives young riders all-terrain confidence. These bikes can handle adventures because to their alloy steel frames.

2. For thrills

The 20-inch wheels make the bike sturdy and maneuverable for street and trail riders. The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike is stylish and entertaining in the neighborhood or woods.

3. Improve Safety Standards

Young bikers must be safe. This is why the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike has rear and front handbrakes. Control and swift stopping are improved by these brakes. The freestyle rotor thrills BMXers.

4. Simple Control

One-speed drivetrains let boys ride their bikes. The single-speed design makes riding easy for beginners and pros.

5. Prepare Anything

No adventure is complete without surprises. The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike has front and rear suspension for tough terrain. This technology makes the bike comfortable on rugged terrain and roads by absorbing shocks and bumps.

Define Adventure with Razor

Razor is known for high-quality motorcycles that exceed expectations. The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike showcases its commitment to quality and longevity.

Best Choice: Conclusion

For daring boys, the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike has infinite possibilities. This bike is adventure on two wheels due to its durability, smart design, and safety. This bike’s sleek frame, solid brakes, and terrain versatility make it fun. Your youthful explorer’s unique trip deserves the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike.

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Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike First Hand Review Video

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  1. Alloy steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. Rear and front suspension type suitable for both roads and trails
  3. Linear pull brake style for better control and stopping power
  4. Lightweight design with an item weight of 31.5 pounds, making it easy for boys to handle
  5. Freestyle rotor included in the package for boys who love freestyle BMX riding



specifications Tig Welded Steel Frame and Fork
specifications 20″ Wheels with Pegs
specifications Front and Rear Handbrakes
specifications Alloy Seat Clamp
specifications Freestyle Rotor Included

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5) Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX BikeBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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Dynacraft Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is unmatched and versatile. This matte “Aftermath Grey” bike is made of strong vinyl and alloy steel.

Upgrade Your Ride: Dynamic Features

Unveiling Threadless Stem

The Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike’s threadless stem promotes handlebar flexibility. This unique design offers smooth handlebar adjustments for maximum comfort and control.

Four-Digit Cable Lock Safe

This bike’s four-digit cable lock is secure. This extra security lets you ride safely and protect your investment.

Strong Design and Resilience

The Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike’s precise build suits all riders.

Kids: Unleash Adventure

Adventure and Safety: 6-10 Years

Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is perfect for 6–10-year-old adventurers. With cutting-edge front and rear caliper brakes, this freestyle BMX bike offers thrilling exploration and safety.

Durability: Alloy Steel Frame

The bike’s alloy steel frame guarantees pleasure for years.

Terrain Navigation: 20-Inch Wheels

The precision-designed 20-inch wheel size balances stability and maneuverability for young cyclists on varied terrain.

Enjoy Freedom: Freestyle Rotor and BMX Pegs

The integrated freestyle rotor and front and rear BMX pegs make freestyle riding confident. Trick and manipulate simply and cleverly.

Simple Single-Speed Motion

The single-speed Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is easy for kids to ride.

Dynacraft Signature Legacy: Excellence

Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike from Dynacraft remains amazing.

Attractive Blue

The bike’s blue hue enhances its attractiveness and adventure.

BMX Tires and Satin Rims

You look better with black satin-effect BMX tires. This perfect balance of beauty and performance ensures a graceful ride.

Rest assured: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dynacraft created the 24″ Tony Hawk Aftermath BMX. Limited lifetime frame and fork warranty protects your investment.

Finally, the Dynacraft Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is young, sturdy, and attractive. Try a bike that exceeds expectations and transforms your riding experience with each thrill.

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Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike First Hand Review Video

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  1. Alloy steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. Front and rear caliper brakes for better control and stopping power
  3. Freestyle rotor and front & rear BMX pegs for freestyle BMX riding
  4. Lightweight design with an item weight of 19 pounds, making it easy for young riders to handle
  5. Limited lifetime warranty on the frame and fork, showing the quality of the bike



specifications Front and rear caliper brakes
specifications Freestyle rotor and front & rear BMX pegs
specifications BMX tires with black satin-effect rims
specifications Limited lifetime warranty on frame and fork
Bike Type BMX Bike

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6) Mongoose BMX-Bicycles LegionBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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Foundation of Mongoose BMX Legion L20 is Hi Ten steel frame. BMX frame is strong. This frame supports street jogging and gravity-defying acrobatics.

Elegant Grey Marvel The grey Mongoose BMX Legion L20 is stylish and fierce. A bike shows your style. Display your style on the street.

Dynamic Performance: Unleash Your Potential

Masterful Moves: Mongoose BMX Legion L20 cranks are 170mm one-piece forged steel. Feel the connection as you simply channel energy. Power and precision are evident in every pedal stroke.

Control: 9T Cog Sealed Bearing Cassette Rear Hub

Precision is needed for speed control. Reliable 9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub for Mongoose BMX Legion L20. Manage asphalt precisely to handle twists and obstructions.

Full Package: Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose BMX Legion L20’s adventure goes beyond riding. Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX parts improve riding. Freestyle excursions have everything with these flawlessly linked components.

Freedom’s Trail: Hi Ten Steel Frame

The Mongoose BMX-Bicycle Legion represents off-road freedom. Jump over obstacles and discover new territory with freestyle BMX. Hi Ten Steel frame toughens off-roading.

The 20-inch wheel reigns.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycle Legion knows wheel size matters. This 20-inch bike balances speed and control for adults. Explore urban jungles and winding routes.

Confidence Win the Unseen with Rigid Suspension

The trail and bike get harder. Strong suspension makes the Mongoose BMX-Bicycle Legion perfect for tough terrain. Riding a bike on uneven roads requires confidence.

Superior off-road thrills are easy with Easy Single-Speed Control. Legion single-speed Mongoose BMX-Bikes simplify your experience. The simple design of your bike lets you ride.

Mongoose Quality Legacy

Top brand Mongoose. The Mongoose BMX-Bicycle Legion continues this history. Every part of this bike is well-made.

U Brake Precision Control controls acceleration and braking for unmatched stopping power. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion U brakes are accurate. Travel cities and trails knowing you can stop.

Strength in Every Detail: Aluminum Frame Benefit

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion has aluminum frame. This frame illustrates Mongoose’s commitment to tough bikes. Be sure your bike can withstand pushing.

Finally, the Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion L20 represents style, strength, and design. Hi Ten steel frame, dynamic components, and intelligent features make this bike excellent for freestyle adventure. Control trails with the Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion L20 off-road.

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Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Mongoose Bikes


  1. Hi Ten Steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. Rigid suspension type suitable for trails and rough terrains
  3. Lightweight design with an item weight of only 12 kilograms, making it easy to handle
  4. U brake style for better control and stopping power
  5. Suitable for both male and female riders as suggested by “unisex-child”



Bike Type BMX Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Mongoose
Number of Speeds 1
Color Grey

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7) Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle BikeBest Freestyle Bmx Bikes

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Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike is created for adventure and has unparalleled performance and durability. This bike is ideal for off-road-loving kids.

Frame for Adventure

The Razor Agitator’s high-tensile steel frame is strong. The alloy steel frame can withstand off-roading and be a loyal companion.

Ideal Partner for Young Pioneers

This 20-inch bike is ideal for young trail bikers. Its road and trail design ensures a smooth, exhilarating ride.

Enjoy Freestyle BMX

The Razor Agitator introduces adrenaline-fueled freestyle BMX. With front and rear wheel pegs, a 4-bolt stem, and front and rear hand brakes, this bike inspires acrobatics that will astonish riders and observers.

Uncompromising Safety, Unlimited Adventure

Young adventurers must lead safely. The Razor Agitator’s CPSC reflectors make your child’s trips safer and more exciting.

Where Style and Substance Meet

The silver Razor Agitator is stylish and effective. It depicts your child’s spirit, ready to face challenges and make memories with style.

Succession of Excellence

Razor’s Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike continues its quality and innovation. Razor’s excellence ensures this bike’s durability and excitement.


Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike governs youth adventurers. Its sturdy frame, freestyle BMX characteristics, and safety focus give this bike limitless potential. Razor Agitator will enliven your child’s experience.

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Razor Agitator BMX/Freestyle Bike First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Stay Above


  1. Alloy steel frame material for durability and long-lasting use
  2. Rear and front suspension type suitable for rough terrains
  3. Linear pull and caliper brake style for better control and stopping power
  4. Suitable for both male and female riders as suggested by “unisex-teen”
  5. Strong high tensile steel frame and fork for better durability



specifications Strong High Tensile Steel Frame and Fork
specifications Front & Rear Wheel Pegs
specifications 4 Bolt Stem
specifications Front & Rear Hand Brakes
specifications Quick Release Seat Post Clamp

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Best Freestyle Bmx Bikes 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to freestyle BMX Bikes for 2023. Freestyle BMX bikes have exploded in popularity in recent years, and there is an incredible range of bikes now available for riders of all ages and levels.

Top 7 Best BMX Bikes for Adults 2023 -The Ultimate Guide

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We know that choosing the right bike can be daunting, so this guide will break down all the key considerations you need to bear in mind when selecting a freestyle BMX bike. We’ll look at frame geometry, frame materials, brakes, rims, tires and more.

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By the end of this guide you should have a much better understanding of what makes a great freestyle BMX bike and be well equipped to find the right one for your riding style and budget. So let’s get into it!

Benefits of Freestyle BMX Bikes

Riding a freestyle BMX bike provides an exhilarating experience that allows the rider to perform a variety of tricks and stunts. Whether you are looking to learn new skills, or simply have a good time, this type of bike is sure to provide an enjoyable ride.

Freestyle BMX bikes feature a wide range of benefits and features compared to other types of bikes. They are designed for durability and sturdiness, so they can take the rigors associated with hard riding without suffering any wear and tear. The frames are lightweight yet strong which make them ideal for performing stunts like jumps, grinds, hops, wall rides etc. It also makes these bikes easy to carry around when you are traveling or just heading out for a session at the local skate park.

In addition, freestyle BMX bikes use stiffer components such as suspension forks and beefier handlebars which enhance maneuverability and stability control during tricks and jumps. As well as providing greater energy-efficiency when performing complex air maneuvers thanks to wider tires which help absorb impacts better than those found on other types of bikes.

Overall, owning a freestyle BMX bike will enable the rider to enjoy hours of fun while learning new skills in full safety while having fun with family or friends at the same time!

Types of Freestyle BMX Bikes

When shopping for a new bike it can be hard to know which type of freestyle BMX bike is right for you. There are many different types of BMX bikes, ranging from standard street and vert bikes to park and flatland bikes. They each specialize in one particular area or design feature and come with different components and features to enhance your riding style. Let’s explore the world of Freestyle BMX bikes to help you find the right one for you.

  • Standard Street/Park Bikes: Street/Park Bikes are a great all-rounder that performs well in all setting. They focus on a mixture of jumping, grinding, manuals, tricks and other technical elements associated with traditional street riding styles. They typically have an extended headtube angle and lower seat tube making them favorable for tricks, manuals, jump boxes and other supporting obstacles found at skateparks or even urban streets.
  • Vert / Ramp Bikes: Vert/Ramp Bikes are admittedly more developed towards moving around vert ramps than any other bike types mentioned here by far. Such as length tops tubes and low stand over heights that provide much needed clearance when stamping down on the pedals with all your might! With components such as U-brakes and canti-levers they will provide you maximum stopping power when you need it most!
  • Flatland Bike: Flatland BMX is created off this category as the frame structure reflects strictly freestyle practices like scrubbing ledges or doing tailspins on flat surfaces using brake handles to give riders control over themselves while in mid-air.The classic features consist of a slightly blocked back end so that out of conventional grinds can be achieved without risking slipping while performing variations of hops or spins around griptapes when street riding or manipulating similar tools during flatland stunts.
  • Race Bike: Race Bikes are designed mainly for competitive racing activities held both outdoors on blue strips with bumps throughout the track built for speed (Referred to commonly as Moto X tracks)that require more fine tuned structures than standard street/park ridingspace providing much higher leverage specifications when compared with other categories. This includes bottom bracket adjustability, thicker tubing structures versus lighter rail variants that allow better powering motion included in race BB’s rather than wavy lighter rails used in typical trick variants found amongst vanilla flavors due primarily because putting more load into a sturdier base allows better circulation over longevity rather than being focused predominantly around time trial events. Race gains will have larger rear sprockets plus tires built specifically fitted; allowing riders an overall better result in speed when wanting direction but still remaining manageable enough vs heavier steering versus traditional 9T systems employed by Vert models.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Freestyle BMX Bike

When shopping for a freestyle BMX bike, it’s important to evaluate key features based on the type of riding you plan to do. From frame material to components, there are several things to consider that will make a difference when it comes to the performance of your freestyle BMX bike. Here are some key features you should consider during your search:

  • Frame Material: Freestyle BMX bikes come in a variety of frame materials, each offering different characteristics. Steel is the most common as it is strong and lightweight, while aluminum is lightweight but also offers more fatigue resistance than steel. Chromoly is another popular material choice as its weight and strength properties offer plenty of power during stunt riding.
  • Components: The components you choose will determine your bike’s performance and durability during stunts and jumps. Make sure any freestyle BMX bike you buy has sealed bearings that offer smooth spinning throughout the lifecycle of your bike; this helps keep maintenance cost low and prevents damage from sudden shifts in speed or direction. Additionally, look for higher-grade components like chromoly or Titanium axles or hubs as they both offer strength and lightweight benefits for snappier response when maneuvering around obstacles or performing tricks.
  • Tires: Various tires are available, tailored to different types of tricks or terrain types so choosing the right wheels can vastly improve your navigational capabilities when performing stunts on your freestyle BMX bike. As a general rule, look for tires with thinner widths that allow easy turning on ramps while still providing adequate stability during jumps or landings; this will give you better control when maneuvering around obstacles without sacrificing speed or traction control.
  • Brakes: Good brakes are essential to ensure smooth stops when landing after aerial maneuvers while still having enough power to easily slow down your BMX if necessary; depending on where you plan to ride often dictates which brake systems are best suited for you type of riding style since each brake setup offers distinct benefits based on terrain types as well as trick capability – so try out a few before making your purchase decision!

Top Freestyle BMX Bikes 2023

Finding the right BMX bike for your style of riding can make all the difference in your performance and how much fun you have. Whether you’re riding freestyle, dirt jumping, street, or park courses, there are many different BMX bike models to choose from that will cater to your specific needs.

To help you make an informed decision on which is the best Freestyle BMX Bike for you in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top brands and models available. With a variety of frames available in cromo or aluminum alloys and different components depending on what type of terrain you’ll be tackling, these bikes are designed simply to take a beating!

Top Freestyle BMx Bike models 2023 include:

  • Premium Products Damage V2 – A true standout in its class that delivers an incredibly tough frame with heavy duty crmo dropouts and Sanko tubing on 0.5” Tubing.
  • Haro Master – A durable yet lightweight aluminum frame boasting double wall rims and 25/9 gearing.
  • Sunday Street Sweeper – An impressive looking model complete with removable brake mounts (U-brake) plus three pegs at the rear for extra stunt riding power!
  • Kink Sexton XL – Durable Hi Ten steel frameset is built to last with fully sealed cassette hubs and 25/9 gearing that also offers great value for money; perfect if you’re on a budget too!
  • WeThePeople Curse – Boasting 7075 alloy construction throughout this BMX bike has it all from gyro brakes capable of doing tricks like barspins off jumps or rails plus double wall rims for added strength and quality spokes due to the mid range price tag.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a freestyle BMX bike. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced rider, there is something for everyone. Choose the best frame for your size and dimensions, and pick the right tire width for the environment in which it will be ridden. Then select the components that meet your performance needs.

Finally, remember that safety of yourself and other riders always comes first. Always wear a helmet and ensure that your bike is properly maintained at all times. With this information in hand, you are well on your way to picking out the perfect bike for you!


Along with researching features and specs for freestyle BMX bikes, it can be helpful to seek out additional guidance from experienced riders and professionals. One of the best resources for learning about freestyle BMX bikes is the internet. A quick search for “freestyle BMX” will provide numerous resources such as forums, chatrooms, manufacturer websites, and more. These resources allow you to connect with other riders as well as gain insight into products, general information about riding styles and tricks, and so much more.

It may also be beneficial to attend local events such as shows or competitions in your area where you can watch top riders demonstrate their skills on amazing bikes. This can give you a first-hand look at how the best handle their bikes while performing daring stunts. You can also visit local bike shops to talk with knowledgeable staff members who are passionate about freestyle BMX biking. They can provide valuable advice on which bike models are best for your style of riding based on your budget as well as personal preference.

Ultimately, with a combination of research into available models and resources from other experienced riders you should have no problem selecting the perfect freestyle BMX bike for your needs this year!


Is Freestyle BMX a sport?

Freestyle BMX is a sport.

What type of BMX is in the Olympics?

BMX Racing is the type of BMX that is included in the Olympics.

Is BMX still popular?

BMX is still popular as a sport and hobby.

What’s the lightest BMX bike?

The lightest BMX bike is typically a race BMX bike, which can weigh as little as 18-20 pounds.

What is the highest BMX bunny hop?

The highest BMX bunny hop is not an official record, but some riders have claimed to have achieved hops of over 60 inches.

What BMX bike to buy?

The best BMX bike to buy depends on the intended use (racing, freestyle, etc.) and personal preferences. It’s best to research and test ride different options before making a purchase.

Who won medals in BMX freestyle?

The Olympics BMX Racing have been held since 2008 and have multiple medallists from different countries.

What is the hardest BMX trick?

The hardest BMX trick is subjective and can vary depending on the rider’s skill level and experience. Some riders consider tricks like the “double backflip” or “triple tailwhip” to be among the most difficult.

What is the best BMX frame brand?

There are many reputable BMX frame brands, including S&M, Sunday, GT, and Haro.

What is the fastest speed on a BMX bike?

The fastest speed on a BMX bike was achieved by a rider named Alastair Sayer, who reached a speed of 89.41 mph (143.89 km/h) on a downhill track.

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